Blurring Boundaries

15 Jul 12

I’m a filmmaker and an academic.  I want to use this blog to look at interesting ways to combine these two activities.  In setting up the blog, I had to decide on the names of categories used to organise the blog posts.  I found this quite hard, because what I’m interested in is blurring a lot of boundaries, between creative and academic practice say, or producing and consuming media or teaching and research.  I’d even be prepared to confess I want to muddy the distinction between my personal life and my working life. 

While I recognise the dangers of this and I, like many others, bemoan the relentless seepage of work time into everything bar my dreams, I also have to say I’ve benefited a great deal from the flexibility new technology has contributed to my job.  It’s true, I do emails before breakfast or on the weekend.  On the other hand,  I work from home or take advantage of flexible hours to keep my whole life ticking along.  So if you find a post in a category named ‘personal’ or ‘research’, view it as a matter of emphasis more than anything more clear-cut.


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