Grizzly Man

22 Jul 12

I’m researching the essay film at the moment … reading as much as I can … developing ideas for simple essay films that I can make … giving it a lot of thought.

I read about the film Grizzly Man (2005) by Werner Herzog in Timothy Corrigan’s book on the essay film (2011).  It prompted me to watch the film.  Having read about it previously, I felt I understood a lot of the issues the film was exploring and how it was tackling them.  But there’s nothing quite like the experience of seeing it yourself, particularly with such an accomplished filmmaker as Herzog.  The first shot, of a man with blond hair and wearing dark sunglasses talking to the camera in widescreen, with an amazing landscape behind him, snow-capped mountains, vibrantly green grassy plains and numerous wild grizzly bears idly sitting around, had a visual and sensory quality that can’t be expressed through text on a page.  It was very striking.

It reminded me of the importance of actually watching the film.

Corrigan, T. (2011). The Essay Film: From Montaigne, After Marker. New York, Oxford University Press.


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