Narrating Place

26 May 13

Narrating Place is an international creative collaboration where about twenty people made a series of 45 second videos about their experience of a particular place. The resulting videos can be found here.

I made a couple of contributions. One is about the 57 Tram route in Melbourne:

And another about the median strips of North Melbourne.

The total collection is very diverse, creatively, conceptually and in the choice of place to represent. Mine are reasonably conventional in their construction but there are many that are experimental, abstract, and stylistically evocative in their use of video. The collection of videos has also been edited into a 15 minute film that has been screened in Melbourne Australia as part of the Convergence Exhibition, RMIT Design Research Institute, the Design Hub May 2 – 30. In August 2013 it will also be screened as part of the Art and Cartography Commission programme at the International Cartographic Association Conference, Dresden.

Narrating Place was curated by Matthew Bissen, Paul Ritchard & Laurene Vaughan.

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